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Special 3D NFT collection.

Chapter I.
Calling the Void

With unstoppable resource exploitation, humans harmed not only planet Earth, but also Crystalians, the ancient fractal beings living on the intersection of parallel universes. Guided with their natural crystal clear belief in a positive future and unshakeable trust in goodness in human beings, Crystalians decided to step out.

As beings from an absolute fractal universe, Crystalians can not exist alone. To be summoned they need Fractal Void. To fulfill their plan and existence, they need us. Every step of the way. Here are the first chapters of the Plan:

Crystalians are ancient creatures. To survive, each needs a Crystal Void. At a time, each Void can call only five Crystalians.

Mint your Void to be able to summon Crystalians to it. Voids are powerful objects from the fractal universe. The Magic of the Void is strongest with the first Crystallian, dragging him to The Void by spending its own energy only giving the master of void first mint for free.

Fractal Voids are restless just as is its magic. Once the portal to mint Voids open, the energy will be powerful enough to cover the first 610 mints. After this, the portal to Mint Voids will remain open, but will not last longer than one sunset or longer than two more fractal sequences.

Chapter II.
The Summon

As fractal beings, Crystalians abide according to sequences of spirals. Therefore only limited ancient beings can be summoned by the Masters of Voids.

Masters of Voids are called those, who can mint Crystalians. Once the portal will open, it is up to each master to decide how many ancients will be Summoned. Each Void has power Mint One Crystallian free. The rest is up to Master as he can decide to summon almost five ancients to his Void. Each Master of the Void however, has to choose wise. The fractal spiral allows only limited amount of summons, with each Void having the power to Summon only once.

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Chapter III.
The Battery

Once Summoned, Crystalians out of the void can not exist alone. Only those who will cross the threshold of the worlds merged in one will be able to reap the power of the Battery.

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Ready for Your worlds

Building your own world in metaverse? No matter if it is just a conference room for your colleagues or whole gaming world, reach out to us to get provided with all technical data, to make sure your players, and visitors will be able to wear their Crystalians.


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