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Crystalians are

A collection of 8888 unique NFTs. Representing race and nation, living deep underground. Each crystalian is made of unique crystal composition, representing realistic materials. Visualy attractive, atmospheric and colorful NFTs made completely in 3D with focus on high quality.


In the future not so far away, during the final human attempt to mine and gather Earth's last resources, an underground nation, known as Crystalians, decided to step in. Community of crystalic beings, originating from cave cities deep underground, finally revealed themselves in order to stop humanity from destroying the remains of what once was our green planet.

With its extreme deep mining, and global fracking, humans harmed not only planet Earth, but also Crystalians. Their buildings and caves, created from rare crystalic compositions sensitive to vibrations, were not fortified against human activity, and started to crumble, just like the rest of our world. Guided with their natural crystal clear belief in a positive future and unshakeable trust in goodness in human beings, Crystalians decided to emerge from their underground cities, hoping to turn the tide of the ongoing events. Crystalians come in peace, from the Earth's mantle, while respecting all life on Earth. They want to assist the human race with solving problems as well as developing new technologies to save Earth's resources while creating a better environment for co-existence.

Crystalians are a well developed and technologically advanced race, which can bring many possibilities in the future and a new chapter for Earth...

8,888 Crystalians

are hidden here..

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